Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biomechanics 1

BME 4250

The overall purpose of this course is to introduce the fundamental principles of mechanics applied to the study of biological systems. BME 4250 is required for all undergraduates in the Biomedical Engineering Program and is the starting point for coursework in biomechanics. Students should be familiar with the concepts covered in this course before enrollment in Biomechanics II (BME 6250), Biofluid Mechanics (BME 6220), Biomechanics Research (BME 6280), and Computational Biomechanics (BME 7210).

Biofluid Mechanics

BME 5220/6220

The overall purpose of this course is to develop competencies in fluid mechanics principles using practical examples and clinical case studies on how fluid mechanics knowledge is applied to biomedical applications.

Biomechanics Research

BME 5280/6280

The overall purpose of this course is to provide a forum for discussion of student research on topics related to any area of biomechanics. The format is a once-weekly informal meeting during which one or more students will present progress on their research project(s) or analysis of a recent peer-reviewed journal publication; practice a PhD proposal or conference presentation; or discuss a fellowship proposal under preparation (chalk talk format). This is an ideal place to discuss research-in-progress and receive feedback on new ideas and research directions.