The CVPM Lab is dedicated to partnering with organizations to engage with students and the public and promote education and awareness at the intersection of engineering and medicine (i.e., STEM+M; Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics + Medicine). We believe that bringing our science to the public is an important mission and strive to educate and inspire future generations to pursue STEM+M activities and increase the public awareness of research activities within the lab.

Project Youth

We work with Project Youth at U. of Utah to inspire and excite fifth and sixth graders from the Salt Lake Valley to pursue higher education. We highlight the value of engineers in society and provide a hands-on activities demonstrating how engineers can impact medicine.

Engineering Day

We participate in Engineering Day hosted by the College of Engineering at U. of Utah.  Local high school students interested in engineering visit the lab to learn about the biomedical engineering discipline and ongoing research activities.

Discover Engineering

Our lab creates modules for “Discover Engineering” which is a traveling exhibit that introduces high school students to the engineering majors at U. of Utah.

Past modulus have focused on medical device design, biosystem design and analysis, and arterial elasticity. In 2019, the exhibit reached >16,000 students across the state, including students from rural areas and Indian reservations.

College of Engineering Workshops

We participate and put on demonstrations with various activities within the College of Engineering at U. of Utah directed in first-year or transfer students.

Please reach out to Professor Timmins and lab members if there are students or organizations that the lab can partner with to promote higher education, engineering, health, and/or research activities.